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Sunday, July 31, 2011

10 days before.......

Somehow this is NOT as exciting as a NASA count down before the space shuttle lifts off.
The double mastectomies are 10 days away

But I had a WONDERFUL week. Starting with Dylan and Lexi staying 2 days with me.
We spent the night at Grandma's too. And she is always so much fun.

Tues...Ok...not so good news with the heart problem and the big FAIL of the echo and stress test.
BUT it more then made up for it when I got the call that that the bone scans and C-t scans were All clear of any other cancer. I am still floating on air over this one !!!!!

Then we had a small picnic since Aaron came from Georgia with the other boys
and picked up Zach to come spend the day in a picnic with Nana.
We swam...paddle boated , and fished...and Ate like piggies.And had tons of fun.
I'll post picnic pics tomorrow

This morning I was sitting on my front porch swing drinking tea
Thinking well its 10 days.
10 days until the surgery and how this isn't as exciting as a Space Shuttle liftoff.
I hope to stay strong and handle it well as the week goes on.
So many things to do yet to get ready.

Here's a few pics of Dylan , Lexi and I from this week.
Yes...that's my butt up in the air after swimming out to the paddle boat to join them swimming.
Yes...I got fussed for not wearing a life preserver with my COPD.
I've swam my whole life...but Tom was right...not with the breathing problems I've had...duh...
But I didn't even think of it ...I just
If you click on the pics they will be larger :)

The pond... The kids are out there....I'm going swimming....

The kids fishing

Yes....that's me real little over there swimming on the right..
And Dylan caught a little fish

Gripping on to the side and trying to pull myself into the boat....yes I was out of breath.
Shot of my butt in the air as I haul myself into the boat.
Thanks a lot Manda !!!!
You're such a NICE daughter...NOT!!!! :)
They paddled over to get

In the boat and happy :)

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  1. Good luck on your surgery! I hope it all goes well. Caroline


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