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Saturday, August 6, 2011

More Fails...And worries..

I went to what I THOUGHT was my last appointment before surgery to the pulmonary specialist yesterday.
And found out among other things that he is not comfortable releasing me for surgery until he does more tests.
So back to Cleveland clinic Tues at 7 in the morning for more tests...BOO !!!
He felt things would be fine...but wants to make sure.
Even said "I think you'll be fine,
I am more worried about your heart".

I had feelings of deja vu

And we all know how THAT turned out!

So I am not feeling real confident in what he's saying....LOL

Then he's asking me why I had bone scans and CT scans? Who ordered them...
I was afraid I was full of cancer I tell him...My COPD is worse.I've had horrible stomach pains for about 3 months now and I have a swollen lymph node in my groin area , as big as a golf ball...
But everything was clear.
(He already knows this he is looking at my test results online)

This is how the conversation went after that

Pulmonary Dr: WHO told you you had swollen lymph nodes?

Debbi:Dr surgeon

Pulmonary Dr:When did he tell you this?

Debbi: June 23rd when he told me I had breast cancer

Pulmonary Dr:Did he check it?

Debbi: yes...he felt down there.
Tried pushing it back in etc.
I told him I could push it back in like the last one I had repaired. And he even made me try to do it. ...No he says..."This is not a hernia its the lymph lodes swollen."
So I am thinking great...the cancer is all thru me.

Pulmonary Dr: Well it's a hernia

Debbi : (but thinking how could he not KNOW a hernia...he is a Surgeon after all)

Pulmonary Dr:Didn't they tell you your full test results?

Debbi: No...they just said the bone scans and all the CT scan area's were clear of cancer.

Pulmonary Dr:Well there's a few other things on this report.
(at this point I can tell that the Pulmonary Dr is a bit happy that Dr Surgeon was wrong.
And suspect that Pulmonary Dr is a bit down the ladder rung from Surgeon and is gloating)

Pulmonary Dr:You have "bubble cysts on your liver and kidneys" But that's no big deal after seeing my face.

Pulmonary Dr:And you have a large cyst in your right ovary. Don't you feel pain down there?

Debbi: My whole stomach has been in such bad pain for a few months now that I don't think I would feel it JUST the ovary.
So I am thinking......

And I'm thinking ...I sure HOPE Dr. Surgeon is better at removing my breasts and getting all the cancer then knowing a simple hernia... :::frown::::

Somewhere after the Heart cath...I will have to have more surgeries to fix a hernia.
I already knew I'd be having more back surgery...a hysterectomy and a few other things after the cancer was removed.
Now I am just praying the hernia doesn't strangulate or the cyst doesnt rupture before I get the surgeries done..
Throw in a course of Chemo and I have plate full for the next

So ...take a number and get in line...Better pack a lunch...
You have a while to go


  1. For such a beautiful young lady you have a lot on your plate. You're in my daily prayers as well as your doctors and surgeons.

  2. Thank you so much
    Prayers are what will heal
    It's in his hands!

  3. Oh good heavens! How could they not tell you the test results when they first received them? You most definitely deserve a sweet treat while you are at your mom's next week. Just tell her I said so, k?

  4. Well thank goodness things are still a go.... Mom your cleared for take off...LOL now let's get this plane off the ground, thank you all for being there for my mom too.. The human spirit is an amzing thing esp when we all come together.. Love Bubbi .. I think I am going to open up a box of raisin bran and take all the raisans out for my bowl... it drives ron nuts but hey I'm worth it today.. here's to finding some comfort today for you too ma

  5. I think this is when we're supposed to take it one day at a time. Thinking of you and sending my best, especially next week.

    ~ Fran

  6. Oh that funny :)
    Cleared for take off is right ...'re sooo right.

  7. wouldn't it be great if we were told everything about out various tests without having to beg or have some other Dr tell us? we shouldn't need medical degrees to get through breast cancer or other illnesses -
    hang in there and know that we are all with you
    it's time to get the show on the road so you can move to the next step...

  8. Good News from Joe about his mom, she doesn't have to have chemo, but they found tar and crap in her lymphnode and she hasn't smoked for 30yrs... WOW .. that shocked me..
    She'll be ok guys, and Jen is all set too mom... We won't let ya down.


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