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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hospital overnight and my hair is gone..Yikes!

I was sick for 11 days out from my first chemo
After another morning of throwing up I called my oncologist who put me back on the steroid I had to use the day before , the day of, and the day after chemo.
By that night I was feeling like a whole new person !!!
Just slight nausea that lasted until then next day..then gone..Yay !!

I did end up in the hospital overnight last week.
I was feeling great from the steroids my oncologist put me back on Tues.
But kept have bad asthma attacks.I thought it was the Indian summer we had here .
But I started to realize I was choking on water..
Not good I thought...
Called my PCP and told her I needed an antibiotic and she said  no way..with your lung problems and heart AND just having chemo. You could have fluid surrounding your heart and lungs...Or a blood clot from the chemo.

I was so mad when they kept me. It ended up I do have a slight case of pneumonia, but they started me on IV antibiotics last night and sent me home with a Zpack and feel I should be ok for this weeks chemo.
So thats a good thing...I guess the reading didnt see it last night.
But when the radiologist went over it good the next morning ,they told my Dr it was a slight case.
So good it was caught before it got serious and collapsed my lung or something.
I went from choking on fluid , to coughing up tons of crud after the Iv's last night and breathing treatments every 2 hours. I guess there was more down there then just fluid like I thought. Ughhhhh nasty !!!

But here's a couple pics of me trying to Rock the scarf..They were taken this Sunday.
I am now losing all my eyelashes and my brows,,,but thats ok,
I am also losing all those cancer cells still in there !!!!!
I am feeling GREAT and gearing up for my next chemo this week
I will be staying at Moms again..And my sweet sister Sandi is coming in from NC to be my chemo buddy again.
me with my Baby Ellie...One of my many babies.
Thank you for reading and praying for me...Your support is amazing.


  1. Glad they caught the pneumonia early!
    You look beautiful in your pink scarf!!

  2. hey debi, i told you things were gonna get easier as time goes on..:)
    remember Who you belong to..and that He will not allow you to go thru anything without His Help..:)
    You are so blessed to have family and friends who love you and support you..continue with the positive thoughts and constant prayers.
    and by the way..ya rock with the scarf, makes you look like a movie star..:)
    love ya big time..prayers continuing


  3. Debbi, not everyone looks good without hair and in these scarves... you look so beautiful! Like a model!

    Now go have your oatmeal and rest. I'll keep checking in on you.


  4. Love the scarf, and Baby Ellie. So glad you're feeling better.

  5. You are one tough cookie! But you shouldn't have to suffer with nausea and vomiting like that because they have amazing meds nowadays. Please ask your doc about them. And I agree with others: you look beautiful in the scarf!

  6. Debbi,
    You LOOK amazing. You may feel like crap, but man, that does NOT look like you are hiding anything. It looks like you are FLAUNTING beauty. Wow! That's a face of strength. Sending love your way...


  7. betty bridges-drennenOctober 18, 2011 at 10:19 PM

    i just had to stop & write to tell you how wonderful you are!!!with all you are going through you still have a smile. God bless you! i love the scarf

  8. You ALL are so uplifting.
    Thank you so VERY much for your sweet comments.
    I am blessed to have my family and friends and new friends I am making here.

    I did have 3 different nausea meds...but they didn't work. Maybe they will try something strong...if I have such a bad time again.
    I am praying that I do better as I am better prepared now that I know what I'm in for.
    Always have had a bad stomach.

  9. You do rock that scarf!!! And you are pretty in pink. I didn't lose my eyebrows and eyelashes until AFTER I finished chemo but the hair fell out 3 days after my second infusion. Good luck with the upcoming chemo. I know it is not fun.

  10. I love the scarf look!!! And those are really good pics! I Love you mama SOOOOOOOOOOOO much! Talk to you later tonight of course :)


  11. You look great Debbi! I hate to hear you've being so sick. Have they tried the nausea medicine called Amend? I took it the day of chemo and the two days after....3 very expensive pills, but with insurance it was only $30. Without insurance it was over $300 for those 3 pills. So, I referred to them as the "big dogs" and they did indeed work for me! I hope they can find something that works for you! And hey, you certainly do rock that scarf!! Beautiful!

  12. You look wonderful in that scarf :) Pink suits you well. Sorry to hear about the phenomena (I had a similar problem during chemo and they kept me for days. Blarg.) but glad to hear you're on the mend. Good luck with you chemo. And keep rocking those scarves.


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