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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I am as new to this blogging thing ,as I am to this cancer thing.
But I just added a button that you can be notified of new posts.
I love getting comments and I know that as this goes on they will be very uplifting.
Arla and Tuesday22 thank you for following me and I will be reading your blogs.

Jill I do believe and am going to keep believing. I've had a necklace with this on it for years now :) (((hugs))

I had no idea that Hormone receptors are a good thing...I am glad to hear that.
Show's just how little I know. I was worried it was a bad thing.
I still have not missed a period at 53 1/2.
I thought...well thank you for being such a pain each month. Now you've fed my cancer
So I am glad to hear that its a good thing :)

The surgeon's nurse called me around 4:30 yesterday afternoon and said the date of my surgery for the mastectomies may need to be changed from July 14th. as the plastic surgeon can not be there that day.
I still go for the appointment with the plastic surgeon tomorrow.

I am so confused about all of this.
First thing is I want to live...2nd I am praying I do not get bad sick from chemo.
But I dont have a Oncologist yet ( I still can not pronounce this yet...LOL)
Doesnt he have to tell me if I have to have radiation or not?
My understanding is this plays a big part on if I want the reconstruction after the mastectomies or during?
Maybe he'll tell me more about this tomorrow?

I ask her about pre-surgery testing .
This morning I have to call my internist and ask her for a referral to a cardiologist and a pulmonary specialist, since I have had shortness of breath for months and chest pains now and then that I thought was stress, and so my COPD can be checked out.
Chest x-ray too...Since its been years since I had one.

I also thought they would do any MRI or PET scan to see if it has spread anywhere else.
I'll just be honest with you...I do not think I will go thru ANY of this if its in my lungs and thats what is causing my bad breathing problems for months now...and not the COPD :(


  1. Hi Debbie,

    Yes, you are right about the radiation part effecting the ability to rebuild breasts (natural or implants) because radiation does a number in your skin and breast tissue.
    It sounds like you are having reconstruction done at the same time as surgery - so no worries there with radiation.
    Be sure to feel comfortable with your oncologist - that meeting generally comes after surgery/ pathology results. Empower yourself and find the right oncologist fit for you (this was a problem I had - its in my blog). I'm glad I waited and found the right person.

  2. Hi Debbie - I'm glad you are still moving forward even though your head is spinning from everything going on. I know it seems crazy, and you will likely get mad, sad, happy, prayerful, and do it all over again - each time is ok. This is your life and just as Elizabeth has said, when you talk to an oncologist, make it someone you feel comfortable with and can understand and speak freely with. If you speak on two different levels, it may be harder for you to stay tuned to the treatment.

    Chemo is no picnic, but for me, I was only ill a couple of times. The rest of the time I was tired or bloated and just feeling blah. Your going to be tired, so listen to your body...when it says rest - stop what you are doing and rest. Put your face on this disease and fight.......

    Lord, place your hands upon Debbie and give her the strength and hope she needs to get through her surgery and treatment. I know there is no place where that you will not carry her. Give her family hope and peace and a strong faith to believe that everything you do is right, and just and loving. We are exactly where we are supposed to be even when we don't feel like it. In Jesus' name, Amen.

  3. Hi Debbie, You are asking all the right questions! Keep a running tally so you don't forget. (I keep a notebook beside my bed.)

    I didn't meet with an oncologist until after my bilateral mastectomy. You will know more details about what your treatment plan will be once your pathology report is in — and that cannot happen until after your surgery.

    It's so frustrating that your surgery is being rescheduled! Hang in there! Wishing you all good thoughts for your upcoming medical appointments. (Seeing all these docs is a full-time job!)

  4. Hi Debbie,

    From BCO, I'm the gal from North Ridgeville. Did they say anything about HERS being positive or negative on the pathology?

    I'm so sorry you are going through this. You can do reconstruction during the BMX. If radiation is going to be involved, they may need to speed up your fill process, which means you may need to go smaller then you intended. You can also opt to do delayed reconstruction. A friend of mine had delayed reconstruction due to the radiation, and she opted to do DIEP and she looks fantastic!

    There are a lot of great breast cancer support groups in the area. There is one through St. John's Westshore. The Gathering Place in Westlake, is amazing. They are great for family and friends.

    Also on July 8th at Elyria Catholic, it is the Relay for Life. The Luminaria Ceremony is just amazing.

    You are in my thoughts.

  5. hey deb, hang in there..i cannot say i know how you feel right now..but know that my heart, thoughts and prayers are always with if you need/want to talk, yell or just not say anything..

    your are my sister!! and we be strong women!! no matter how tough it may get, remember, the tough get going..:)

    love ya

    ps..give the puppies a big hug from me..:) and tell them woof woof from aunt debbie..

    love ya


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