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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A good day yesterday

Yesterday I had my first "good" day in a bout 3 weeks, since this whole thing started.
I slept in yesterday until 5. That's good for me since I've been waking up at 3-4 AM !!!
Then when I wake up I think way to much and cant go back to sleep...

Then I finally got thru to the surgeon and plastic surgeon and my surgery was postponed until Aug 11th.
That's the first date they have that they can both be in the operating room together.

When I got off the phone and told Tom, he was upset. Why are they taking so long?!?!?!?

Do you know what I felt? RELIEF...Happiness !!!!
While I want this cancer out of me I was so happy that I didn't have to deal with this so soon.
If you know Ohio winters, we had a bad one...and we had no spring at all.
So all I felt was a huge RELIEF that I don't have to deal with this yet....
I can enjoy just a few more weeks of summer.

I know it probably doesn't make sense to some of you reading this..But that's the way I feel.
Since I am journaling for myself, along with updates for my family and friends.
I am going to be honest about how I'm feeling each day.
And not just blog about the updates of Drs. and treatments I am going thru.

So I may not get to go see my Dad in NC in Oct. like I had planned.
I will enjoy a few more weeks of summer.

I go to my primary care Doctor today at 11:00, for refills on my COPD meds and back pain. Then Mom will pick me up to go to Cleveland Clinic at 4:00 for the appointment with the plastic surgeon.

I also have to pick up the chest X-ray order, and the referrals for the Cardiologist and pulmonary specialist
I have to see both of them and have tests done before the surgeon will do surgery on me.

Elizabeth, Arla, Renn and JustJenn (my hometown girl)
Thanks so much for the wonderful support and comments.
Arla....A special thank you for the uplifting prayer. is such a wonderful place with amazingly STRONG women !!!
I am so glad to have met you thru there.

I have fixed the comments for the others who have wrote me that have been having trouble posting one.
Now you can leave one anonymously, and if you want just put who you are.
Sorry about that problem. But I am new to this.
I love comments. They have really been uplifting to me.

Well...on to my busy but happy day. Yes..I know it sounds crazy.
But even with all the appointments I have to come I will still enjoy my summer days until Aug 11th.


  1. Aunt Debbi! I love to read your post :) Glad you are going to enjoy your summer :) It does worry me about waiting but hey what can you do but enjoy it :) I hope to be able to come and support you and everyone on Aug. 11th. love you and you are always in my thoughts and prayers

  2. Thanks Nae...Love you sweetie!!!!


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