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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm still here

Sorry I havent posted in so long. I think I went from dazed and numb to depressed.
REALLY depressed. :(

I have been having tests done and during the rest of the day trying
my hardest not to think of breast cancer.
Ha !!! Hard to do...

Last week I had a stress test and echo done .
Yesterday I went to the downtown campus of Cleveland clinic to have a nuclear bone scan done.
Next Tues , I have to get a CT scans of my pelvis, abdomen and lungs. Then pre op testing right after.

I still have to go to the pulmonary specialist Aug 5th. Just days before the surgery Aug 11th.
Because of the problems with my breathing I,,,along with my Drs decided reconstruction would not be happening when I have the mastectomies.
Maybe at a later time.
It was a very hard decision to make and depressing along with everything else.
But I have to remember the most important thing is that I make it through the surgery and hopefully beat this thing.
My breathing is just to bad because of the COPD to double the time of surgery.Its not worth the risk.

Please think of me and if you believe , say prayers that the bone scans...and CT scans does not show cancer anywhere else. :)

I will try to do better about posting. I have been told to post and get it out...good or bad.

I will post about my baby geese tomorrow...a more cheerful post for sure :)
I ended up with TEN of them !!!!! Yes TEN...after 7 years with none. They are adorable and I love them.
Pics of them tomorrow :)

Oh...and to end on a even better note.
I just made it past my 2 week of NO SMOKING !!!!
Yay for me!!! I am so proud of myself.
I decided July 4th would be my freedom from smoking day!

I know its hard to believe...but even with COPD I could not give up those last 4-6 cigs a day.
Then I was actually smoking about half a pack a day after being diagnosed the 23rd of June..BOO!!
Bad news !!!!
But Never again ...
I am now a non smoker


  1. Debbi, I am glad you finally blogged. I love the pic you look so pretty and the geese are really growing. You keep putting your faith in God and he is our main hope. Love you so

  2. Been thinking of you... sorry to hear the news about the reconstruction, but thrilled to hear you quit smoking! After smoking 2 1/2 packs a day and having been clean for over ten years now, I know how difficult quitting is.

    Best of luck with all the test results, and I'll keep checking back here for updates.

    Take care of yourself,

  3. I kept worrying that your posts weren't coming through to my email...but then I would check and you hadn't just worried why you hadn't. I was so glad to see it today...however your feeling...I want to know. Disappointing about having to wait on the reconstruction surgery..but as you said..that is not the priority right need to get better the safest way possible! The geese are adorable! I can't wait to see them! Most of all..I am so proud of you for quitting smoking Deb...It is SO hard...but, SO worth it!!! Your quality of life will be so much'll be stronger for everything! Oh...and I'm bringing Lacy (Ashley's new smooshie face baby)lol Can't wait to see you! I love you ~Sandi

  4. great to hear from you and congrats on the no smoking!
    hang in there

  5. Noticed you weren't blogging and was hoping all was well! I'm sorry that you have to delay reconstruction after MX. This BC train has a mind of its own, doesn't it? ERGH! Good luck with all your tests and congrats on licking the cigs to the curb!


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