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Saturday, July 23, 2011

As promised ...My 10 little baby geese.
I ended up down and out for 2 days, after getting my monthly.
Along with that comes the migraine and throwing up.
So sorry for the delay in posting the pics.
I have to look at it this least chemo throws most women into menopause.
With my luck it wont...But I can hope ...right?

If you click on the pics it will make them bigger. The last two pics when little just shows one of the daddies watching over the babies . But there are two there that watch over them like hawks, when you enlarge the pics.
Its funny to see them chase the cats away! Stay away from my babies!!!!!

Thank you for the comments and Emails. Its so nice to know you are all reading and supporting me.
I've gotten so many beautiful prayers and uplifting comments. (((hugs ))) and thanks again !


  1. Awe they are so cute ... I hope you are feeling better today Debbi ... thinking of you

  2. Geri Queener McCormickJuly 23, 2011 at 3:13 PM

    So glad you are feeling some better and got a little more sleep. The geese are so cute; we can't wait to see them tomorrow. I'll be talking to you later.....Love you much...Mom

  3. The geese are adorable! I'm glad they were able to bring a smile to your face today. My prayers are with you tonight.

  4. How sweet these little guys are. I had to show my husband how cute they are.

    I must have missed your posts on Homesteading about the great challenge you are having right now. I will absolutely keep you in my prayers, daily.


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