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Sunday, July 3, 2011

When my sister and I were little

Sandi Do you remember singing this together all the time when we were little ?
I love you even tho I was mean to you a lot when we were

I went out to watch fireworks last night. I love fireworks...I hope I get to see lots more fireworks :)

I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday.


  1. Yes Deb...I remember it very well! It just made me cry....I made my friends at college learn and sing it with me too...then Ashley when she was little :) ..It has always been a special song to me and always will be! And...yes you were mean to me when I was would make a deal with me to scratch your back before we went to sleep, and that after you would scratch mine...but, after I scratched yours and it was my would act like you were asleep!!! I would tap you with one hand and say Debbi! ...then shake you....then rock you back and forth with both hands while you were still laying on your stomach from your nice back scratch...and NOTHING...and I fell for it OVER and OVER again! lol ~Sandi

  2. I will scratch your back when I see you..
    I promise Love you !!!!!


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