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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Finally...some good news..

I think ? Well it was the first GOOD news I've heard in over 3 weeks.
My cardiologist appointment was moved up from July to yesterday.
Tom took me to give my poor Mom a break.

The nurse went over everything with me and did an EKG.

I told them my past history of Mother, Grandmother and Uncle having heart problems
And how my primary care Dr felt that the asthma attacks I was having just walking from my kitchen to the laundry room, was in fact my heart.
Like my small bathroom I have a very small house . Its only about 30 feet to my laundry room.

Over the winter my COPD has gotten worse.
To the point I am having to use my emergency inhaler about 10 times a day.
And that my primary care Dr had bumped my nebulizer treatments up to every 4 hours.(like I have time for that NOW)

Blood pressure 146 over 88....BOO !!! It is usually around 117/77
This is not a good start
She felt it was because I was nervous and having a bad time breathing.
I told her this breathing is good for me, and it was

But then they did a EKG,,,very good.YAY !!! I passed my first test in 3 weeks !!!
The Dr listened to my legs..groin area and then said I have exceptionally good cholesterol and that everything sounded good. He ordered a Echo and stress test for next week.
He's going on vacation next week , but felt confident enough that my results will be good , he will have his assistant tell me the results right after.

He feels its all my COPD,,,and then said they will watch me extra careful during surgery because of it.
And that I may end up on a respirator for a couple days if they cant get my oxygen levels back up.

Scary....not good...worried....

We started driving home and I told Tom I am afraid of that happening.
He said well dont worry you will just have a tube in your nose for a couple days.
It's not like it's a ventilator.
I told him...Duh Tom....A respirator IS a ventilator....

I dont like the sounds of that.
I guess I will find out more when I go to the pulmonary specialist.
But all in all...It was a good appointment for once.
At least he doesnt think anything is wrong with my heart.
As Charlie Sheen would say...WINNING !!!!


  1. I love to wake up every morning and hear from you :) glad to hear about your heart

  2. That message is from nae I AK on my phone...not sure why it says that..thought I signed in lol

  3. good to hear something positive! hope the good news keeps rolling in for you -

  4. i love the WINNING. This is what we have to keep on doing, WINNING! Love you mom

  5. Allene here, I tried to email you back at the gmail address but it didn't go through! I tried three times, so check you AOL email when you have time, cause you GOT MAIL...sending good strong energy to you Debbi!


  6. Hey lady glad to hear about the good appointment! My BP also went through the roof when I had my diagnosis.

    You are in my thoughts!


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