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Monday, August 8, 2011

Ambulance ride and a picnic

I was so sick Saturday and couldn't breathe well most of the day
It was so hot and humid.
I had stayed in the house most of the day in the AC
But I still had one asthma attack after another.
My oxygen levels went to low and blood pressure went high .
Blood pressure went to 169/90 something. I got dizzy and room was spinning

I should have known.
Every time I walked by mirror my face was beet red
Never done that before in my life,
I have always had really low blood pressure.
After an ambulance ride and hours in the hospital on 4 liters of oxygen and iv and meds they released me I was back up to 97% pulsox and blood pressure was back down to my normal 117/69

I was worried about feeling well enough to go to the picnic Mom and Clarence had planned for me.
Tom and Jason did NOT want me to go at all.And were worried the same thing would happen.
But it was cooler with a nice breeze.
It turned out nice. And I didn't have a real bad time breathing.,
We were in the house in the AC most of the time
Sorry about that Clarence...I felt bad that most stayed in with me.
When I did go outside it was just for small amounts of time Then back in.
The family was wonderful with gifts and cards.
The food was very good and I ate like the pig I am
And Clarence's desserts were as usually the yummiest part of all!

Then I cried when I was leaving.
I did really well thru the diagnoses and everything else.
I can be brave like that. :)
But when my family hugged and kissed me when I left...I cried ..

Here's just a few of the pics. I don't have time to re-size the rest right now:)
I look horrible from the day before..but they are still great pics.
Click on pics to enlarge


  1. That is scary, Debbi. I enjoyed the pictures and seeing that you were doing so much better! Sounds like it turned out to be a great day.

  2. looked like it was a blast!!..i do remember the desserts when we were there..Clarence always makes lots of goodies..:) my prayers and thoughts are with ya sis..

  3. That is really scary. I'm glad you're feeling better now and that you were able to go to the picnic and see your friends and family. You're in my prayers.


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