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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back on my front porch swing

Yay !!! I know I don't look real happy in the picture.
But I am !!! Love my porch swing.
Thank you all so much for the cards ,gifts, good thoughts and prayers.
So totally unexpected.
I even got a couple cards from people I don't even know who they are.
How touching is that?
I don't know how they knew my name or address ,
but it was wonderful to come home to them.

Since I am keeping this as a journal for myself as well as to keep family and friends updated
I want to write about my surgery.
Some of you may not care to read it.
But I want to put down into words what happened.

The morning of surgery I was overwhelmed with the love and support I felt.
I was told by a nurse that they had never had so many people
show up for someones surgery before.
I was surrounded by love...
and I could feel the prayers from all my family and friends.

I did have a few minutes right before they took me down that I broke down and cried.
But I kept saying in my head God is with me..
I felt him with me and stopped crying.
He WAS with me!!!!

So many kisses and hugs from you all...
And everyone waited until the surgery was over.
My brother Nick even came..
What a surprise!!!

I can remember my last prayers as they put me to sleep
Dear God...please stay with me and keep me safe. He did :)

I was told later..that a sweet nurse had told my two daughters
"If you stay right here,,,you will see her as they take her from the OR
to the recovery room."
I do not remember seeing them...but I know they had to feel better seeing me
even tho they said a meanie male nurse would not even slow down so they could talk to
They said about all I said was ...I HURT...

After they took me to my room...A foreign nurse made the mistake of telling my girls.
There is to many of you. You can't all go in there, As my girls rushed passed her.
No one was keeping them from their
I know many of them came into my room after that...
seeing me before they left the hospital even if I can't remember just
And close family all stayed until well into the evening.

I can remember being so surprised that I wasn't sick.
I get so sick after having general anesthesia. But I wasn't.
Thank goodness the anesthesiologist had listen to me and made sure he gave me good meds before I woke up so this didn't happen.

I was in a lot of the nurse put pain meds into my IV.
From then on everything went wrong.
I will post about what happened tomorrow as this is already so long and I am tired.
I still can't believe something like that could happen.


  1. hey debi...i already knew God was going to be with you during your surgery..:) lots of special prayers went up way before you went in..:)

    know that my prayers and lots of hugs going your way..:)

    love ya..will keep checking your blog to see what is going on..

    love ya

  2. Hi mom! You know I was there in spirit. I kept checking status from your mom on FB. Get well soon. My belly needs a good rubbin from ya!

  3. I'm so glad to see you post. I hope you continue to get well.

  4. Glad to see your on your way to recovery Debbi, keep strong xoxoxoxox

    I'm so glad you have lots of beautiful family and friends to take care of you :)

  5. Hi Debbi,

    Deb Tabor-Smith here. I'm a breast cancer survivor- 4 years 3 months. It was a tough journey but I just kept one foot in front of the other. Let me know if you need to talk to someone who has been there. Hang tough. You will beat cancers butt! Deb

  6. Hope you are healing well. I will pray for you tonight! Take care,


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