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Monday, August 22, 2011

Unhook the anesthesia please....

Sorry I haven't been back in a few days.
I have been dealing with a lot of pain. heard me right.
Unhook me from the anesthesia please....

After I woke from surgery I was somewhat alert and not sick at all
I was thankful the anesthesiologist had apparently gave me good meds to combat that

After a while I was in bad pain so the nurse brought pain meds and put them in my IV.
Right away I started throwing up.
We all thought it was the pain meds .
So they gave me more anti nausea meds thru the IV.
Sick again..right after they put it in.
They changed meds for nausea...they changed meds for pain
Throwing everything at it..and I just kept getting sicker.

Finally at 4 in the morning. A male nurse came in and started to give me more meds when he noticed that a milky type substance was going thru my IV.
An extension full of what they were using to put me to sleep was still on !!!

I was only getting traces of the meds I needed for pain and nausea as it pushed more of the anesthesia in thru the IV every time I got a med.

Once that nurse took that off and I had a straight IV line I immediately started getting better.
Jen and Jason couldn't beleive it.
They are nurses and they have never heard of this ever happening.

I was on oxygen until i was discharged , and very sick yet they only did vitals every 8 hours.
Something else Jen or Jas had never heard of

I also was not told until I went for my post op that they should have pinned up the bulbs to the drains to the bandages, so that they were not hanging from the stitches...swinging ...pulling...hurting...

Needless to say I hope I don't have go to that hospital for any of the other surgeries I have to have!

I don't know what I would have done with out Jen and Jas there.
Jas at one point got sick , and poor Jen was taking care of both of us.
I don't know what I would have done without her
Jason...refused to leave even tho he was sick. He didn't want to leave me.
I thought that was sweet.
But my Jen was my angel that night.

I go this morning for another post op.10 days out.
Hope I can get these drains taken out.
Wishing the pain would start getting better...
Maybe after the drains are out????
And praying still....Praying for a good path report today.
That the lymph nodes they took out do not show cancer
The preliminary did not show it...yay
And praying for a low stage cancer.

Will post later and let you know :)


  1. Wow that sure doesn't sound at all that they are very competent at that hospital!! I'm praying too for negative results. Thinking of you!

  2. I would be sending a letter to the hospital detailing the problems and concerns regarding your recent stay.

    I hope you get good results from the pathology report.

  3. Hang in there girl. Hospitals and doctors can make mistakes, but God never does. He will see you thru. You are in my prayers daily.


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