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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gonna love me through it.

Yesterday when I posted about the spots they told me about on my lungs
All of my family and friends were just overwhelming in support.
Jen and Sherrie told me go to Cancer Centers of America
I know that they're one of the best in the country.
But the closest one is hours away and there is just no way I could go there.
I have ask for copies of biopsies , tests , lab work and path reports.
For some dumb reason I didn't ask for the reports on the scans...
Maybe because I was told they were all CLEAR...
Well you can bet I will ask for them now and everything from here on out.
I want to make sure they haven't left anything else out of these "CLEAR" scans.

I also was sent the most beautiful song and video by Martina McBride called
~I'm gonna love you through it.~
Thank you Linda!

There's so many of the stars in it who have fought cancer....mainly breast cancer and are surviving
Its a beautiful song.
I cried this morning when I played it.
Good tears~

God....Prayers...and all of you...
Are going to love me through it...

My son Jason shaved his head Sunday when I got my hair cut.
Boy....My girls had better NOT do
Love you Jas


  1. Debbi-
    I don't even know what to say to any of this news. I am so angry right now for what you are going through. I'm angry with you and I'm angry FOR you.

    What more can I possibly say other than I am HERE. And I send love.


  2. Hi Debbie - Just visiting your site for the first time - but know that from here on out, you will always be in my heart and prayers. You CAN do this! I promise you. I also promise that it might not be easy, but you will be inspired and transpired in your life to do many things. If cancer were easy, no one would fight for a cure, right? So, those of who do get it, fight harder to win against it, and even harder to ensure our loved ones will never endure it. You will laugh, cry, get mad as heck and do it all over again - over and over. Every emotion is expected and OK! You are entitled to your feelings. I had my first meltdown in a 7-11 over someone whining over a headache. You can just imagine how that went. This road is hilly, but hold your head high, breathe, and remember why God gave you your knees - to get down on them and look up to him. In my darkest hours, even when I felt alone, I knew I wasn't - HE was with me all along. I am praying for you and will be back to visit you often.

  3. Hi Debbi,
    I'm following you back and am sending loads of love and support your way. If I've learned one thing during my journey, it is that it is okay to "play the cancer card when you need to", AND that we are never free of cancer just because our treatment ends. My treatment is about to end soon and I know that does not mean I can relax and go back to "normal", as much as I wish I could. But I am stronger because of it all. And I truly know the love of family and friends around me as they have been generous with their outpouring of love.

    I too need to read more of your blog to get to know you. But just in this brief moment I know you are strong, I know you are loved, and cancer is the one who has the strong fight with you at the helm.



  4. I cried hard watching that video as well. You have an awesome son, Debbi. I wish I could give you a real hug. You ARE going to beat this.

  5. FYI-I love your son, too. He's just become my honorary son. And, if your girls do it..... just buy them BIG earrings and tell them to BE BOLD. Again... I send love...

  6. Debbi I'm so sorry, how on earth can they do that? Keep fighting & be strong ... praying for you everyday!!!

  7. Debbi, you were right, the song does make you cry. I know how brave you are and I wish I could, just be as brave. We have to put everything, in Gods hands and have faith, that he will take care of you. When I looked at Jason, I realized he is a big version of his , grandpa Bee it really surprised me. I appreciated all the people , who are standing , along beside Debbi and praying for her...with love...Debbi's mom

  8. Deb, a break has gotta be coming your way soon. You've had way too many burdens, way too many tears. Sending your strength, and laughter, to get through this week and all the rest that follow! Lotsa hugs,

  9. Sorry to hear about the spots...and I can't believe they told you it was all clear!! Crazy! My onc. always has his nurse call me when he gets the report--good or bad. If you can't get to CTCA, are there other options nearby? Whatever you do, unfotunately you are the one who has to stay on top of everything. And I know you will! Sending up prayers for you!

  10. Debbi,I am praying for you and your family. Just try to stay positive and good things will happen. All our thoughts and prayers are with you. Carl Varney

  11. Hi, Debbi -

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your comments. I am also trying to get caught up with your recent turn of events.

    Please don't lose hope. Stay strong and keep faith that you and your doctors are doing the right things.

    I made myself a big three ring binder that I take to all my appts with me. It is my reminder to ask for copies of EVERYTHING. I get copies and put it in the binder, then when I need to go back and re-read something to understand what was said, I have it right there in front of me. I am not usually this organized with my life, but now that it is about my LIFE, I am trying to become more organized.

    So no worries about asking for copies of scans, but you can still create a binder now. It's not too late.

    Also, join Crazy Sexy Life if you haven't already. Lots of ladies out there going through what you are and they have great advice and positive energy.

    Gotta run. Will write more later.



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