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Monday, August 29, 2011

Are you a gambler?

Want to place a bet?
Let me give you some odds....
80% of tumors found on mammograms are NOT cancer...You would have lost had you bet on it NOT being cancer.

Someone who is thin and has cholesterol of 123 and great EKG etc... should not have a heart problem.
You would have lost. Even my cardiologist lost on this one. So don't feel

85% of preliminary tests done of lymph lodes in the OR during surgery that shows no cancer is not cancer after the path report. You again....would have lost your money.

However....If you had bet on cancer being in the other breast and it being a "good call" to remove that one too .
You would have won.
Sorry don't know the odds on that one (smile)

There's lots of other odds....such as breast cancer does not run in my family. I had 4 children when I was young and nursed the 3 living that also should have meant I was one of those who would not get breast cancer.
So much for odds !!!

But for now...if you're looking to make good on your bets
Think of the odds

I went for the scan of my thyroid last week
I got a call from Dr.Handsome's office
My results are "inconclusive"
Great I think....

I ask..."inconclusive" ? Does this mean there a chance it is the "C" word?
She says...There is a 50-50 chance it is cancer
Dr Handsome wants you to go get blood work done,before he orders more tests.

Great I think...but say What kinds of tests?
I hear the "B" word again....Biopsy
I am thinking...
Blood work done in June and Aug before surgery showed my thyroid levels are within the normal range
But I will go in to Cleveland Clinic and have them done again.

Maybe tomorrow....maybe....
If I put it off until Wednesday maybe I won't hear the "B" word until next Monday

I am smiling as I type this.
It almost seems to funny to be true.
Love you all for reading. I know it's a pain in the booty to leave them,but I really love all the comments!
I am still trying to figure out a code to add to be able to reply on here. So far no go.
But I am working on it.
A computer wiz , I am not.
A cancer survivor I am !!!

Also...You will NOT get an email by just following the blog. You have to sign up at the "enter your Email"
I've had several people write me and tell me that they follow, but are not getting an Email.That's why...


  1. Deb I am not a betting woman. But I AM betting your thyroid is going to be just fine. Keep up the writing and fighting. Love your honesty and humor!

  2. I fell on the short side of all the stats too... although, I will admit, you got me beat with the cardiologist (at least I think so, I shouldn't tempt fate?). I want to read through your blog as I see you just had your surgery. Mine was five years ago (tissue expanders in for 6-7 months). I'm reading... and supporting you. If you ever want to talk, let me know. This part is hard. I know that and I do care. AnneMarie

  3. Debbi did you know that you are a awesome writer! I think you are unbelievable!!

  4. Inconclusive should be a four letter word. Praying that test will come back with the best possible results.

  5. Hey Debbi :) So glad you left a comment on my blog. My son and I did have a wonderful day at the orchard...I feel so blessed to be able to spend time with him everyday........I LOVE homeschooling! (ok, not everyday, but most days) :-)
    I started reading your blog and oh sure are going through it right now aren't you?! I will keep you on my prayer list and I'm also following your blog now so I can keep up with your progress. Hey, my hubby had a spinal fusion surgery 19 years ago and it was very successful, but so horrible too! If your mastectomy was worse that that, I feel really bad for you! He was in more pain than I can even talk about...oh my..I will def keep you in my prayers! He had the body cast on for 6 was just awful. He now has two herniated discs and they want to do it again...needless to say, he's really not too thrilled. He's going to try some intense physical therapy first I think. We're just praying for a healing from God...we know HE'S capable!! :)
    Hope you're doing better as you read this and know I'm praying for you now :)

  6. Hi Deb, I hope you are feeling better soon {{HUGS}} thinking of you xoxo
    I just started my chemo last week and it wasn't too bad, I hope yours isn't to bad also.

  7. hang in there and I hope and pray that you catch a break (which you very much deserve) -
    I had something similar happen after my lumpectomy and it turned out not to be the big C but I can understand how you feel...

  8. betty bridges-drennenSeptember 2, 2011 at 4:40 PM

    you are such an amazing lady!!!!

  9. Thank you all so much for being here for my mom... she is such a wonderful lady and amazing, if you truly knew her you would understand, and seeing her amazing children who are so diverse, talented and loving, you would see so much of her in all of us... she is so proud as a mother.. and I am so proud to be her son...


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