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Monday, August 22, 2011

Well that didn't go as expected

Looks like I am in for more of this...

Pathology report was not good at all.
That 85% chance of being neg for cancer in the lymph lodes in surgery..came back with cancer in one node.
Figures I'd be in the 15% that was wrong.

I still have cancer in my right breast and surrounding areas
He said he tried to take as much tissue that was surrounding the mass,which had grown to 3cm as he could.
He was hoping that was it. But it wasn't.
I now will have to go back for more deeper surgery to remove more cancer and get clear margins..
And have to have skin grafts as the cancer is also in the skin.
And more lymph nodes removed until they get clear ones.

The lump I went in for...and one that was also biopsied and told was NOT ...was cancer after all.
So I had 2 lumps in that breast.
It also ended up that I had ductal cancer in that breast.
Two totally different cancers in the right breast.

He also said good call on removing the left breast as what I was told was borderline Ductal carcinoma in situ
Was in fact my whole left breast full of ductal carcinoma in situ and could have quickly became invasive cancer like the right breast.Stage good for that one.

I also have a spot on my thyroid.And will be scanned this Thursday for cancer there.
Praying that it's not.

I will have to have chemo started ASAP and then radiation treatments.

He wanted an appointment set up with a oncologist as soon as possible.
I have one Sept 2.

He wants to confer with him on what other steps to take in surgery first or chemo.

He also told me he is taking my case before the surgery board at the main campus at Cleveland Clinic
as "they want me to live" ( I do too)
and being 2 different breast cancers they want to hit it aggressively.
They do not have a "stage" yet for my cancer as more surgery needs to be done.
Even tho the left breast is stage 0...the right one is invasive.

Then my young super handsome surgeon told me
"Don't worry...I won't use your name"

I thought...Sweetie...after all you've told me today...
The last thing I am worried about that you use my name.

My poor mama and kids cried..and were all so upset.
But we are a tough bunch and we will get thru this.

I am trying to add something to this blog so I can reply back to your comments.
I read them ALL and feel blessed to have your prayers and support.


  1. My prayers are with you girl your spirit and determination are soo impressive,,believe in prayer,,we are praying hard for you sweetie,much love girl,,

  2. I'm so sorry. Thank goodness you live here where we have access to top-notch medical care. I'll be thinking of you and will continue to send my best vibes, prayers, thoughts, etc.

  3. I'm so sorry, Debbi. Praying wisdom for your doctors and everyone else involved. I am keeping you in my prayers.

  4. DEB... You did the right thing getting that BMX. But it sucks that they found cancer in both sides and that you need more surgery and you also need chemo. It's not fair. I am happy to hear they are taking your case before the board at the Cleveland Clinic.

    Despite all this crappy news, you still made me laugh with your comment about the handsome young doc not using your name! You have the right attitude to fight this darn beast, my dear. I'm sending you an extra dose of strength!!!

  5. So sorry Debbi! It'll be a tough road, but you can get through it! Many of us will help you! If you haven't already, make sure you check out You can always find someone there who has been through something similar.
    I'll keep sending up prayers for you!!

  6. I am praying for you hun take it easy HUGS from Ohio to make you feel better!!!!

  7. debi, my prayers and positive thoughts are with you during this difficult time..i know you are a strong woman and your sense of humor about the young handsome doctor really got me laughing..debi, you are going to be fine..yes you have a long rough road ahead of you..but remember you got family and friends surrounding you with lots of love and prayers and willing to come a runnin when ya big time sis..know i am available if ya need ya..

  8. Hi Deb
    That's the unfortunate thing. When you have Breast Cancer no two Breast Cancers are the same in your body I found that out too. You have made the right decision but keep your sense of humour and remember you have all your blogging buddies behind you. It will get a little rough but you will come through. My prayers are with you.
    Love Alli......XXX

  9. Debbie,
    I am so so sorry that this has serious bumps in the road and has become more complicated. You and your family are in my prayers. I know you all have to be hurting and scared.

  10. I am so filled with anger and outrage at the mistakes that were made on the floor.. and Heads will roll from that.. There is no nice way to put it.. there going to see what a bitch I am.. but the main thing is.. jen and I saw her thru and of course each other..I do not feel that the surgeon didn't do anything but his very best.. The time and place will come to seek action and damages.. but not right now... all I truly care about right now is them hitting this hard and keeping my mother surrounded with love encouragement and all the small things that are so important like eating, resting etc... I can't say enough about so many people who are here for all of us.. even my neighbors sister ann doran took the time to make a card for her... I told her how frightened I was.. and she said Jas. you are one of the strongest people i know inside.. you've protected me, tina and so so many others around you...and I know you can help her beat this too... that made me feel so good.. a mothers love is unconditional.. they protect and watch over there babies no matter how big they get.. any of you who read this if you want to make my day or do something .. call your mama today and tell her you love her... its really the best gift you can ever give her

  11. I hear lots of strength in your voice and a good doctor on your side. Put that together with infinite trust in God and a fighting spirit, and you are as prepared as you can be. God bless.


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